Results-Tested Curriculum


We know from Dr. Masters’ original research that our curriculum has brought forth subjective spiritual reality into the realm of human physical existence, producing tangible, positive empirical results in improving the quality of so many lives worldwide. The teachings at our University evolved from the results of over half a century of consciousness testing, producing an original curriculum like no other offered in the field of metaphysical career degree study.

Beginning as far back as 1959, Dr. Masters wanted to find out what spiritual reality really was. To him, the key was the exploration of consciousness, which held the secrets to the past, an understanding of the present, and the true potential innately in the unconscious for what an individual or society collectively could become and achieve.

Starting with a small group of twenty students in 1959, he began research and exploration into consciousness by teaching and exploring advanced techniques of meditation. The descriptions of what people experienced clairvoyantly (seeing within their minds) were noted on research reports.

A space was provided on the reports for the research participants to illustrate what they had seen in the experience. Together with this, a series of questions was asked to ascertain what brought about the experience, along with the interpretation that the research participant gleaned from it.

Similar experiences and corresponding interpretations were analyzed to conclude whether there was a repeating experience and similar interpretations, which would indicate that a spiritual truth had been revealed through the meditation practices.

Such repeating experiences and similar interpretations were then followed to assess the immediate—and most importantly—long-term impact on the person’s life.

Follow-ups to the experiences focused on the effects on:

  • Physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Relationships
  • Success and achievement
  • Unlocking creativity
  • Finding and living one’s soul’s purpose in life

Above all, Dr. Masters wanted to know whether these experiences were merely the expanding of the personal ego identity, or as a result of greater Universal Presence, Consciousness, or God at the center or nucleus of the human consciousness.

Was human consciousness a quirk of nature, or was nature self-conscious on a Universal scale, creating and recreating itself inclusive of human existence, that is, as symbolized in words from the Bible, as “The Spirit made flesh”?

Day after day, year after year, stretching into decades, Dr. Masters worked in the trenches with thousands of research participants first hand, recording and evaluating their experiences and following up with the impact on their lives for not just weeks and months, but with some, over a period of years. Dr. Masters didn’t just read a study about consciousness research—he actually conducted it, first hand and long term.

The end result produced the University Curriculum that is a timeless teaching, connecting people to their inner Self, Soul, or God Presence. If this is your goal in life, you have been God guided to us and – we to you. 

When you enroll in our University System, you will be enrolling in the largest, most established holistic, New Thought, transcendent, transpersonal Metaphysical organization in the world with the most students and graduates in over 120 countries worldwide.