The University of Metaphysics

Aims – Goals – Mission

  • To offer spirituality to a world in need of Higher Spiritual Truth beyond that found in conventional, traditional, fundamentalist, or dogmatic religions.
  • To create a diversity of new approaches to ministry so that Higher Spirituality may reach the public through various means not confined to traditional church building congregations.
  • To provide education up to a doctoral degree in higher advanced Holistic, New Thought, Transpersonal and Metaphysical forms of Spirituality so that those affiliated professionally with the IMM and its University System are well prepared to teach, counsel, coach, practice spiritual healing or whatever their chosen ministerial communication.
  • To conduct research into the nature and source of consciousness to discover the spiritual mysteries of life and how such knowledge may be practically applied to the improving of human life, both individually and collectively.
  • To explore the possibilities of the legitimacy of various forms and practices of spiritual healing and health maintenance that can be complimentary to the practice of traditional allopathic medicine.
  • To focus on meditation and other contemplative practices that can lead to the exploration of consciousness for the purpose of proving the existence of a Supreme Creative Intelligence or God and/or the continuation of life beyond the physical.
  • To encourage a movement toward the synthesis of science, psychology, transcendentalism and mysticism so that eventually Absolute Spiritual Truth and Absolute Scientific and Psychological Truth compliment and explain each other as one Reality.