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I welcome you to our website and look forward to welcoming you into our worldwide spiritual family of Doctoral Teachers, Counselors, Life Coaches, Wellness Practitioners, and Ministers.

As you interact with the warm, caring guidance of our exceptional staff, you will find, as so many others have found for over half a century, that our organization is one of head and heart, wisdom and love.

We will do whatever we can to make your journey with us a wonderful experience, both during your studies and after, as one of our graduates.

May the Light of God’s Presence within you guide others to awaken to the very same Presence within themselves.

Our love to you and all those you love,

Dr. Paul Leon Masters


Inspirational Radio Interview

To learn more about what our program offers, we invite you to listen to an inspirational interview conducted by Rev. Cindy Paulos on September 24th 2015 with founder Dr. Paul Leon Masters on radio station KUOS 92.1 FM, a service of the University of Sedona:

Interview with Dr. Masters



Education to Help You Find Your Soul’s Purpose and Live It Successfully as a Career

A Curriculum Founded on Decades of Consciousness Research

Since 1959, we have developed an evolving consciousness-researched, results-tested curriculum to give greater opportunity for success to all who enroll and graduate in whatever specialty they choose.

We Are Tuned in to Your Interests

  • Our students and graduates represent a large variety of metaphysical beliefs. We recognize that there are many paths to Truth, Spiritual Reality, and God. Whatever your path in this lifetime, our curriculum gives you a strong foundation for a greater likelihood for success (see Graduates in Action).
  • We provide a place for everyone’s metaphysical approach to Metaphysics studies, be it primary interests in the Holistic, New Thought, the Transcendent, the Transpersonal, the Mystical, Philosophical, Yoga , Metaphysical Health, Wellness, Spiritual Healing, and other subjects that are associated with the modern-day use of the word Metaphysics.
  • We include Metaphysical Degree programs for almost all metaphysical specialty practices, such as Counseling, Life Coaching, Metaphysical Wellness Practitioner, Metaphysical Teacher, Metaphysical Chaplaincy, Parapsychology, Metaphysical Hypnosis, Metaphysical Psychology, and Metaphysical Ministry. Please note that if enrolling students are involved in Metaphysical specialties not covered in the Doctoral Degrees that we offer, they may apply for consideration for an alternative Doctoral Degree award.

Immediate Financial Assistance: Scholarships

For all in need of financial assistance we offer scholarships, making it easily affordable to study and earn your degree up to a Doctoral specialization. Scholarships enable you to enroll for as little as $90 down and only $25 monthly for 48 months for just $1,290 total tuition, or for as little as $990 for prepayment for an additional $300 savings.

Scholarships cover all student benefits that are part of our regular tuition, which is $4,500. This includes all study texts to complete your Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees. Also included is all that is part of our regular tuition – personal tutoring when needed, interaction with administrative staff, correction of all student exams, guidance as needed, evaluation of submitted Master’s thesis and Doctoral dissertation.

Funding for scholarships comes from alumni who have benefited, and this funding is reviewed for availability every two weeks.

Peace of Mind When Enrolling with Us

  • We are the leader in distance learning Metaphysical Degree institutions with the longest history of any Metaphysical Degree awarding school, evolving since 1959.
  • We are the largest, worldwide Metaphysical Degree awarding school with students and graduates in 120 countries.
  • We have over 10,000 graduates and over 6,000 practicing IMM ministers worldwide.
  • We have been the most prominent and respected Metaphysical Degree awarding Universities System. In comparisons to secular universities, we have been thought of as the Harvard of Metaphysical Universities.
  • Our highly experienced staff, each with years of Metaphysical background, works diligently to maintain the trust, integrity, and number one position as the leading Metaphysics degree-granting Universities in today’s world.
  • We are genuinely interested in your success after you graduate. Why? Because simply put – your success is our success. We are the largest and most established because the majority of our new enrollments come from referrals from our very satisfied and enthusiastic students and graduates.

Gems of Information throughout Our Website

  • Your spiritual journey is important to us.
    We invite you to review every part of our website. There are gems of wisdom to be learned about having a doctoral degree career in the field of today’s metaphysics.
  • Have questions – need answers?
    Request our University Prospectus/Catalog.
    Click on our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to phone us. You’ll find our administrative staff warm, friendly, and highly professional, each with many years of metaphysical experience with which to assist and serve you.

High-Tech Education and Administration

We are as new as tomorrow with all the benefits for you today. All our previous decades of distance learning experience has been upgraded to the latest in high tech. Every day our administration and educational staff are checking on the latest advances in technology and how we might adapt it to better serve our students and graduates. For those who prefer less high-tech materials, hard-copy printed materials and study texts are available for your use.


Questions and Answers, from the Ageless Wisdom of the Founder



We Extend Our Appreciation and Gratitude for Your Intention to Make a Difference

Our administrative staff motto can be summed up in the following words:

“Here to serve the best in you, that you, in turn, may serve the best in others.”

See our Aims – Goals – Mission.

Metaphysically speaking, “All is by Divine design and nothing is by chance.”  That is why you have been drawn to this website – to enter into a wonderful educational pathway that many thousands, worldwide, have traveled for decades, that you may experience a time-tested curriculum that will give you the educational foundation you need to better succeed as a professional in the field of Metaphysics.

Dr. Masters with a few of our wonderful staff members.

Dr. Masters and a few staff members at a recent graduation